• When should I confirm my participation in the date?
    Please inform us if you can participate in the date by 4:59pm every Wednesday. This way, you will be prioritized.

  • What happens if I send my confirmation after 4:59pm on Wednesday?
    If you are late in sending your confirmation, we will put you on the waiting list. And if somebody else cancels, you can participate.

  • What happens if I can’t participate in the date? You wouldn't be able to get a Dating Pass for the next date.


  • What if my partner cancels after 5pm on Wednesday?
    We will try to match you again with another partner and set a date.

  • What if my partner cancels DURING the Free Trial period and I can’t be rematched?
    Your trial will be extended for another week.

  • What if my partners cancels AFTER the Free Trial period and I can’t be rematched?
    We will issue a Dating Pass for you to use to get another date. For details, please refer to "Dating Pass" section below.


  • What is a Dating Pass?
    It is issued when your partners cancels a date after the participation and date details are set.

  • When and how can i use it?
    If you are ready to participate in another date, we will set another date for you. Just let us know via Whatsapp by 4:59pm on Wednesday.

  • When will the ticket expire?
    It will expire 2 months from the time you have received it.


  • Can I cancel after 5pm on Wednesday?
    Cancellations after 5pm on Wednesday can not be done as a rule because it will cause inconvenience to the other registered users.

  • What happens if I’m absent or if I cancel due to unavoidable reasons?
    We will charge by the credit card you registered as a penalty and you will not be given a Dating Pass.

  • What happens if I cancel AFTER 5pm on Wednesday, or BEFORE 4:59pm the day before the date?
    A cancellation fee of $20 will be incurred as a penalty fee.

  • What happens if I cancel AFTER 5pm the day before the date?
    A cancellation fee of $30 will be incurred as a penalty fee.

  • What happens if I don’t appear at the designated place at the specified time of the date?
    A cancellation fee of $60 will be incurred as a penalty fee.

  • What if after receiving the details of the date, I won't be able to confirm 2 hours before the date?
    The date may be forcibly canceled. In that case, we will charge a cancellation fee of $30 as a penalty through the credit card you registered.

  • What if I arrive 30 minutes late or more at the designated place of the date?
    It will be treated under the case of 'Cancellation AFTER 5PM the day before the date', and a cancellation fee of $30 will be incurred as a penalty fee.

  • Are the cancellation penalties only for paid members?
    Cancellation charged as penalty fees apply to all registered users whether under Free Trial or Paid.


  • How long is the Free Trial period?
    You can enjoy the Free Trial for 2 weeks.

  • What if I wasn't able to enjoy the date even once during the Free Trial period?
    We will extend your Free Trial by one more week. We can’t guarantee you will have 2 dates within that week and you will not be given a Dating Pass if you can't participate in the date.

  • What happens after the Free Trial period ends?
    Your membership will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged the relevant monthly subscription fee unless you cancel.


  • When will my credit card be charged?
    You will be charged every month for your monthly subscription, along with other charges you may incur in connection with your use of the service, starting the date your Free Trial ends.


  • How do I get matched?
    You will be matched centering on the 3 important criteria you stated in the form. It does not guarantee 100% matching for all criteria.

  • What if I changed the criteria by 5pm on Wednesday?
    Changing the criteria at 5pm on Wednesday and filling out the match improvement sheet will not be reflected in the week’s matching.


  • How can I cancel my membership?
    Please inform us via Whatsapp. After you contact us, we will send you a cancellation form in which you will send back to us for us to complete the cancellation procedure.

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